T25: Day 4

Ab Intervals was the workout today. Shaun T. is really great about avoid the traditional sit up which I appreciate as that move tends to hurt my neck and back. Instead he uses the “C-sit” position (see picture below – I don’t think he mentions this in the T25 DVD but I remember the term from doing Insanity).


Shaun T’s C-Sit Position (from Insanity DVD)

This move still allows for one hell of a ab workout. He alternates the ab moves with standing cardio moves. The good news here is the workout went by really fast for me. Since I was laying on the ground, it took some strain for me to see the screen so I only looked up when he would switch moves and I needed to see the new positioning and movement- aka I wasn’t constantly checking the time. Lol.

Admittedly, I still checked off the “Barely Made It” on my calendar. It was a struggle. I had to stop several times- my abs just COULD NOT hang. But I think that bodes well for the future. After all, I’m hoping for a 6-pack at the end of this- or at least the makings of one! (Can I get a 2-pack? lol)

Today is already Day 5 so I’m about to go do the first workout for day 5 – that’s the Lower Body Focus. Amanda woke up early and did it before she left for work and warned me it’s a lot of lunges and squats. These are also known as my enemy. I’m prepared to be sore from this one. Real sore.

The “2-a-day” workout on Friday is part of T25. So it’s two 25-minute workouts today. They say if you can’t do both, it’s ok to save one for the weekend, but I’d really like to have that to myself. We’ll see though. It may not be up to me…

Wish me luck!

One response to “T25: Day 4

  1. Good luck. Proud of you!

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